Hey, I’m Darren and welcome to my Jes-Extender Review.

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A Few Months Ago I Ordered a Few Different Penis Extenders To Test For Quality, Comfort And The Potential For Success.

The Jes-Extender was one of the devices that I bought and tested.

What Is The Jes-Extender?

Jes-ExtenderThe Jes-Extender is a classic penis extender.

It’s been selling online since 1995 and it’s proven to work in Clinical trials.

Some of the claims made by the company include:

  • Safe and natural penis growth
  • Permanent gains
  • Proven correction of a curved penis

And based on the clinical data they claim you can gain up to 2 inches in 4 months.

How Does It Work For Penis Enlargement?

BenefitsThe Jes-Extender works by a process called traction.

It applies and steady and gentle stretch to your penis.

This makes the tissue cells divide and multiply.

Over time this results in new tissue growth and increases your penis size.

The scientific name for this process is Cytokinesis.

Order Process, Payment + Shipping

I placed my order from the official website.

There are lots of fakes on the market and the only way to be safe is to order direct.

I ordered the mid-range Titanium version and paid with my credit card.

I received an e-mail confirming my order and my tracking number arrived 24 hours later.

After 2 days my order arrived by courier in a big plain brown box.

The order and shipping process was very fast and discreet.

I Used The Jes-Extender For Several Days and I’m Now Going To Reveal Why I Stopped Using It.

Jes-Extender Device and CaseAlthough the Jes-Extender was not the device that I used to get my gains.

I did wear it for a few days to test for quality comfort and the potential for success.

The Jes-Extender is a very high quality device.

It feels very strong and expensive.

I have the titanium version but they also sell a Silver, Gold and even a Platinum version.

The Platinum version if for men who only want the best.

It didn’t have a comfort system like the device that I used for 4 months but it was still very comfortable to wear.

I used it for up to 6 hours a day without any issues.

You can feel it working and it’s clear that it has huge potential for success.

There is only one reason why I stopped using this device.

I preferred the comfort system that came with another extender.

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  • High-Quality
  • Premium Options
  • Classic Extender
  • Proven To Work
  • Safe To Use
  • Excellent Support
  • Double Your Money Back Guarantee


  • Expensive
  • No Comfort System

Where Can You Buy The Jes-Extender and How Much Does It Cost?

Official Website As mentioned, the only place you should buy the Jes-Extender is the Official Website.

There are so many cheap and low quality fakes sold online.

If you buy a counterfeit or cheap copy of the Jes-Extender you are taking a big risk.

These cheap copies are not safe to use and you will not see any results.

You could even cause permanent damage to your penis and never seen any gains.

Do you want to be in an even worse situation because you tried to save a few dollars?

I didn’t think so.

Prices start at only $209 for the lite version and all the way up to $1000 for the Platinum version.

All packages come with a double your money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

ResultsThe Jes-Extender is a high quality, proven penis extender.

It’s not cheap, especially the high priced premium options.

But it’s a certified medical device and it’s proven to work.

The Jes-Extender is best for guys who want a classic penis extender with premium options.

You can choose from different versions of the device.

These include the lite, original, titanium, silver, gold and platinum version.

It also comes with excellent customer support.

All extenders come with a 6 month “double your money back” guarantee.

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